Help CHS Drama Students Get to Edinburgh Fringe Festival

by The Village Green
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Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ proudly announces that its Parnassian drama students were tapped to perform at the renowned Fringe Festival. Some two dozen South Orange – Maplewood teens will travel to Edinburgh in August, 2016 to perform on the world stage, representing CHS, the South Orange – Maplewood School District, and the SOMA community.

Janet Bustrin, who runs the Parnassian Society and teaches at CHS, says, “CHS’ Parnassian Society has a long tradition in the community – since 1895! It is a great group of kids and adults who consistently turn-out theater with very high production and entertainment values. It is such an honor to have been recognized and selected for this incredible privilege to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. We’re so excited.”

To ensure that all eligible students can attend the Fringe Festival, parents and students are raising funds. “We hope to bring down the cost of the trip for all,” say the group volunteers in a statement, “and to further assist students with greater need.”

Parnassian kids and parents will be out in force for a can drive during Labor Day weekend. Students will be on Maplewood Avenue and on South Orange Avenue on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, sharing the good news about going to Fringe and seeking community support.

“We’re grateful for your help in sending our talented teens to the Fringe,” says Bustrin, “where they can represent the community, while they broaden their own vision of the world.”

To support CHS students’ performance at Fringe, feel free to donate here:

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