Letter: Mrs. Wright Is ‘Most Committed’ to Needs of the Community

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To the Editors:

Of all the members of the Board of Education, Mrs. Wright is by far the most committed to representing the needs of the community, and especially those of the students. Everything about her, even the affectionate moniker “Mama Wright”, speaks to her dedication to being of service. At the Community Speaks which I have attended, Mama Wright is always the most willing to hear out members of the community, never wishing to allow constraints like time or workload to prevent people from having their voices heard. Mama Wright is a fighter, willing and able to do battle whenever the need arises.

As someone who has had Mama Wright as a teacher, I am always struck by how much she has given to this community, be it through her years of service as a teacher in South Orange Middle School or the enormous passion she puts into her responsibilities as a member of the South Orange Maplewood School District Board of Education. Mrs. Wright is a fantastic example of a community involvement for all of her former students and a wonderful role-model for all. The love and support she gives this community is not only recognized and acknowledged by all those who know her, but it is reciprocated in full. Mrs. Wright is second-to-none.

Samori Etienne,
South Orange

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