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Maplewood Health Inspector Report Cites Vandalism as Problem in CHS Bathrooms

Columbia High School bathrooms are in need of repairs and are the object of frequent vandalism, according to the Maplewood Health Inspector.

After the Maplewood Township Committee asked for an inspection of bathrooms in South Orange-Maplewood public schools located in Maplewood, an inspection of Columbia High School bathrooms was completed by Maplewood Health Officer Robert Roe on Friday, November 9.

A bullet point list of needed repairs (see below) has been shared with school district facilities staff to be addressed. Broken sinks and a lack of hot or cold water seemed to be major issues.

Additional inspections are coming for other schools. On November 14, Roe reported,  “inspections will be done at all Maplewood public school bathrooms and I hope to finish this by some point next week.”

Roe’s November 9 email to the TC regarding the CHS inspections reads as follows (see his report attached below):

An inspection was done today at Columbia High School of the toilet room facilities. We were accompanied by Business Administrator Paul Roth, new Maintenance Superintendent Peter Romaine and some of the CHS custodial staff. 

The inspection showed all of the 30 plus toilet rooms to be in good and clean condition. Some rooms did have broken sink faucets or broken lights or minor wall damage. But the toilet rooms with a broken sink faucet had more than one sink so hands can be washed. The biggest problem was the Girl’s Sports locker room. This room had shower stalls and dressing areas in very poor repair and dirty and rusted and walls and ceilings in poor repair. This rooms certainly needs a big upgrade. The former boys swimming pool locker needs an upgrade…But the pool is permanently closed. The doors to the old swimming pool area are securely locked with only selected persons having a key. The pool is empty.

The one repeated problem is vandalism in the toilet rooms. Knocking off the soap dispenser is the most frequently vandalized piece of equipment. All toilet rooms have soap dispensers today, but we have photos showing lots of wall screw anchors where multiple soap dispensers have had to be replaced. The school keeps a supply of soap dispensers since they are vandalized so often. A second part of the vandalism is to climb onto the lavatory sink, sometimes breaking it,  and then throwing the soap dispensers out onto a roof.     

We also checked the filters at the water fountains. All water fountains had filters to remove lead in water.

Roe told Village Green that he would be “writing a room by room report” and would share that information when it was available.

Download (PDF, 37KB)

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