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Maplewood Recreation Dept Addresses Reports of Vaping on Youth Ski Club Buses

In what amounts to a second community email on vaping by minors in a single day, the Maplewood Recreation Department sent an email to families today reporting incidents of vaping on the Ski Club buses for middle school and high school students.

The clubs are open to youth from South Orange and Maplewood, NJ.

In an email, Jamie Miranda, Recreation Program Supervisor of the Maplewood Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department, wrote:

Good afternoon Ski Club Parents,

Something pressing has come to our attention. Recently, we have learned that there are reports of vaping by the students on the ski trip busses. Although it may not be your child, we would like to remind you all that smoking and vaping is ILLEGAL for minors! We DO NOT permit this type of behavior at any Recreation Department sponsored event for our youth. ANYONE caught ON THE BUS or DURING THE TRIP vaping, using a JUUL cartridge, smoking tobacco, or using any other nicotine delivery device will have it confiscated and will be REMOVED from the program and PROHIBITED from coming back!

We appreciate your time and attention to this issue.

Have a great day!

On Friday afternoon, Dr. Kalisha Morgan also addressed drug use at Columbia High School, and vaping in particular, after a Principal’s Roundtable on Feb. 6 focused on the issue. Read Dr. Morgan’s comments here.

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