New Program Connects College Students with Columbia High School Students Starting College Process

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From the Achieve Foundation:

Calling all incoming, current, and recent college students!

During these unprecedented times, we know many high school students are limited in their ability to learn about colleges: without in-person campus tours and college fairs, our high schoolers are struggling with assessing the intangible elements, such as campus culture and student experience, that are so important in selecting a school.

We are creating a database that will leverage our diverse and educated community by gathering information from current college students and recent college graduates. Please fill out this form if you are an incoming or current college student or have graduated within the past 10 years and are willing to be contacted by CHS students or high schoolers from the local area. Students starting the college process need peer insight now more than ever, and we know our community can be an unparalleled resource to our students. Thank you for participating and for spreading the word!

This database was started in collaboration with the Maplewood Memorial Library, CTK College Coach, and the Achieve Foundation.

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