Support CHS Seniors Midnight Madness with Supporter Signs; Community Parade June 24

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From the Midnight Madness Committee:

We are so thrilled that the tradition of Midnight Madness will continue this year. After a long and difficult year, it is now time for the Columbia High School seniors to come together as one. Most have been together for more than 12 years and it’s important that they celebrate their many accomplishments. That’s where Midnight Madness comes in!

Midnight Madness is an all-night celebration (in an undisclosed location!), where the seniors simply get to spend time together, without distractions (no phones, no alcohol, no drugs). In previous years, CHS seniors have celebrated on a cruise around NYC, at Dave & Buster’s, at Funplex, and in Asbury Park. Where they will go this year is a mystery, but we can’t wait for them to gather as one class to mark the end of their K-12 career.

The community is welcome to participate: please plan to be part of the parade route on Thursday, June 24 starting at around 9:30 pm that will be following the map below.  You can cheer on the newly graduated seniors as they head off to Midnight Madness fun!

Download (PDF, 1.04MB)

If you have a CHS senior, please make sure to complete the registration form here:

If you want to support the senior class of 2021, please order a supporter sign here: (note that is only for delivery in South Orange and Maplewood!).

If you would like to volunteer to chaperone Midnight Madness, please send us your contact information (

The Cougar Shop will also be selling CHS merchandise at Matilda this Thursday through Sunday at Flood’s Hill.


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