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SOMA People That You Meet — Cindy Price

People That You Meet is a series of interviews conducted and posted by the Vanessa Pollock Team/Keller Williams, highlighting residents of the South Orange-Maplewood community and their diverse and interesting lives.

This installment is an interview with Cindy Price.

What town do you live in?

  • Maplewood, NJ

Where did you live before that?

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What brought you to SOMA (or surrounding town)?

  • I was desperate for land, grass, trees – a girl can only walk her baby under the BQE so many times. Truthfully, though, I’d arrived at what I’ll call my Didion moment long before we took the plunge, but change makes me nervous and Brooklyn was all I’d known after college. I’d written about Cold Spring when I was covering travel for the Times, so we looked there first, but the commute was long. My husband’s co-worker mentioned Maplewood. We came out here and it was love at first sight, but it took us a long time to find something in our price range. We landed in the Hilton area and love it.

What do you do (for a living or as a serious hobby)?

  • I’m home with my boys during the day, and I write for a food and travel guide in the evenings. I also shoot (and sell) local landscape photography (instagram:@mostlymaplewood).

Where do you love to go on a date night?

  • 100 Steps in Cranford. I love what they’re doing there.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 5 years?

  • The Art of Fielding, by Chad Harbach. There should be more literary sports novels.

Describe your ideal day:

  • Nothing scheduled on the calendar – the whole family completely free of obligations. We head to a local farm, like Melick’s in Califon, NJ. Maybe pick some peaches or walk around, then head to nearby Bex Eatery for lunch – maybe I slip away to poke in some stores for a bit, smell some $18 candles I can’t afford. We head home, fire up the grill, maybe some friends join us.

Favorite local place to eat?

  • Oooh, that’s tough. We like to eat out as a family. If we’re talking local to Maplewood, I like the BLT at Cedar Ridge for lunch or a quick quiche at Palmer’s. For dinner, I don’t think you can beat Arturo’s for quality. I had some amazing lechon at Abril Cocina the other night. And my family can be found at the Pub (St. James Gate) at least once a week, simply because it just holds a certain ease for those of us with little ones. It’s loud (so you can’t hear my 3 year old yell), it’s fun, and the bartender knows what a shandy is.

Who/What did you aspire to be when you were little?

  • Just to be happy. I sensed early on that nothing was going to be a means to that specific end – that happiness (for me, at least) existed in process, in doing, in just being. In my particular story, happiness arrived with my kids. Even when I’m pulling my hair out (which frankly, is most days) my heart is deeply happy. In particular, I like doing nothing with them.

Of all the places you’ve traveled, which is your favorite?

  • Collioure, a coastal town in southern France near the Spanish border, is beautiful and the Catalan-influenced food is great. Venice rocked my world. I was there 5 months pregnant with my first. One early morning, I took a (slow!) run through the cobblestone streets and it is one of my favorite memories. Stateside, I love Key West, Moab, Sonoma and Lake Tahoe. Also Portland, Maine, which has a pretty great food scene.

What can you not live without?

  • My kids.

What inspires you?

  • Land. Landscape. Maplewood’s landscape in particular. To me, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. (I might be a bit biased.)

How would you describe your “style”?

  • Erm. Something I had in Williamsburg?

Coffee or tea?

  • Iced Coffee. Loads of it (even in winter) from Able Baker or Cedar Ridge, who both cold brew.

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