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Assisted Living Facility & Adult Day Care Coming to Hilton Neighborhood in Maplewood

A 182-unit assisted living facility with adult day care is coming to the Hilton neighborhood in Maplewood, replacing currently vacant lots.

The site plan was approved by the Maplewood Planning Board in May (see a transcription of the meeting below, as well as the Township’s engineering report on the proposed project). The development will be 50% affordable housing: a combination of Medicaid (91) and private pay (91) residents.

The developer will be seeking a tax abatement in the former of a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes). Said Mayor Vic DeLuca, “A PILOT will be requested. The low margin for an affordable assisted living facility will require municipal financial assistance. Affordable assisted living is sorely needed.”

The Maplewood Assisted Living Building — according to DeLuca, the likely name of the project — is being developed by Maplewood ALR Urban Renewal LLC and will have access from Boyden Avenue and Tuscan Road (located on BLOCK 48.47, LOTS 123, 124.01, 130.02, 131 & 167). The project will be built on the site of the old Maplewood Building Specialties property, 224 Tuscan Road, bringing four parcels of land and a small portion of the town’s Public Works property together, for a total land area of 2.54 acres.

The assisted living portion of the development is 36,080 sf, while the adult day care will be 12,000 sf.

Transcripts of the Maplewood Planning Board hearings for the project show that traffic circulation and screening nearby homes from the project were major concerns expressed by neighbors. In particular, some were concerned about conflicts between traffic from the adult day care and facility staff and traffic from nearby Seth Boyden Elementary School.

In response to an email request from Village Green, Planning Board Chair Jerry Ryan reported, “The visitors traffic for the assisted living portion of the project would not be at the same time as school traffic. The traffic associated with the ‘adult day care’ portion is bus routes; they have complete control over the timing of these and committed to schedule them when they would not conflict with school traffic.” The transcript also showed that staffing shift changes would take place at different times than the start and end of the school day.

In response to requests from neighbors, the developer also agreed to increase the height of fencing screening the property and made adjustments to landscaping.

The project will be built in Redevelopment Area #2, a zone that was designated by the town to encourage development.

According to Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca, “It will take two years after ground is broken. The affordable units will be counted as part of the overall obligation of the Township. ”

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