Mayor & Health Officer: Maplewood is Beginning to Reopen, But ‘We Are Not Out of the Woods Yet’

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From Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee’s Office, July 2:

A Note from our Health Officer Candice Davenport:

As the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 in our area and our state have been decreasing, several things have begun to open up.  These openings are under the public health purview for monitoring, inspection and working with other agencies to ensure compliance with the Governor’s Executive Orders and Directives for re-opening safely. Childcare centers, pools, camps, playgrounds, and local businesses and outdoor dining have resumed opening as well as an increase in indoor and outdoor gatherings.

What is most important to remember is that while the number of COVID cases has declined greatly we are not out of the woods yet. We are still having confirmed cases and as we begin to open up we must be vigilant to wear face masks, stay six feet from others and maintain social distancing, wash your hands often and regularly and avoid crowded places. We must be cautious while we enjoy being outdoors and social again. If we do not, we will put ourselves, others, the local healthcare system and local businesses in jeopardy as cases will rise.

Public Health Division Update

The Maplewood Public Health Division cumulative and new numbers for Wednesday 6/24 through Thursday 7/2 are as follows:

Total Cases: 316 (+3)

Probable Cases: 9

Total Deaths: 26

Total recovered cases: 262 (+11)

Opening Up Our Community

We are slowly and thoughtfully coming back.

Maplewood Community Pool will Open on 7/6/2020

For all membership and registration information, time shift hours, along with other FAQs, please visit our website.

Outdoor dining is Open, but PLEASE KEEP OUR SIDEWALKS CLEAR in the Village during  the evening and WAIT FOR YOUR TABLE IN OUR CLOSED STREETS TO HELP WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING.  Your spot will be reserved.

Also do your part and be mindful of the public safety measures implemented and bring your facial covering with you.

No Mask, No Service!

We are absolutely in this together.

Mayor Frank

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