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UPDATE: ‘SOMA Celebrates Women’ Photo Op Moved to March 10

From the townships of Maplewood and South Orange NJ:

Photo from Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s office

We’re coming together to make a statement – women’s rights are human rights.

Join us for a commemorative photograph of the inaugural year of SOMA CELEBRATES WOMEN. #somacelebrateswomen

We are calling on all the women in South Orange and Maplewood to meet at the Maplewood Memorial Park amphitheater for a group photo to be taken at 10am on Saturday, March 10 at 2 p.m. (Please arrive by 1:45 a.m.)  Women of all ages are welcome so grab your daughters, your girlfriends, your sisters and your mothers and help us launch SOMA CELEBRATES WOMEN.

We’re asking all participants to wear white in honor of the women from the suffrage movement who worked to earn our right to vote (and also it will make a nice photo!) You are sure to run into old friends and meet some new ones too, share some laughs, create a new memory and lend your voice to the Year of the Woman.

Special thanks to our local photographers for lending their time and talent to this program: Claire Gianni Sinclair, Reggy Stainfil of Stainfil Studios, Joy Yagid of Joy Yagid Photography and Jaime Meier of LiveLoveLens.

About: You’ve likely seen women from all walks of life “wear white” to send a powerful message but why white?  White, purple, and gold were the official colors of the National Women’s Party and the suffragist movement. According to the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage’s statement of purpose, the colors were chosen deliberately: purple for “loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause,” gold for “the color of light and life and “the torch that guides our purpose.” And white, “the emblem of purity, symbolizes the quality of our purpose.”

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