South Orange to Consider $25K for Phase 1 of Bike Network

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South Orange is looking to make cycling in town safer and more convenient by implementing a bicycling network that dovetails with the Village’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety and curb speeding by motorists.

Dan Peterson, Chair of the South Orange Transportation Advisory Committee, presented the latest plan for “Developing a Bicycling Network for South Orange” at the Board of Trustees meeting on March 14.

The plan seeks to use mostly streets with lighter traffic to create the first phase of a bicycle network. The bike routes would be created in a low-cost and non-disruptive way while NOT taking parking lanes or relying upon the construction of barriers as in New York City. Rather, “sharrows” or street markings would be used to indicate the bike path. Peterson explained that the key locations being connected in the network included the train station, schools and Seton Hall University. Ultimately the network could connect with similar networks in surrounding towns such as Maplewood.

Peterson said he was presenting the plan in light of upcoming budget discussions. Peterson said that implementation of year one of the bike plan would entail about $25,000 in funds.

Village President Sheena Collum later noted that grants were available to cover costs involved in the bike network.

See Peterson’s presentation on video here. View his slideshow presentation below:

Download (PDF, 804KB)

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