South Orange Residents Asked to Conserve Water, Avoid Restrictions this Summer


South Orange Village and its water supplier New Jersey American Water are urging residents to conserve water now to avoid water restrictions later. 

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South Orange Village and New Jersey American Water are urging residents to conserve water to avoid water restrictions later this summer.

The following was posted to the South Orange Village website in June and brought up during the Village Council meeting on Monday, July 8, 2024:

Given the recent consecutive days of hot, dry weather, South Orange Village and New Jersey American Water, which operates and maintains the water system, are asking residents to voluntarily limit their outdoor watering now to potentially avoid more stringent summertime restrictions of water usage. 

Limiting outdoor water usage now will help the company manage a finite supply of water, and customers will still be able to maintain their lawns and gardens. The guidelines are provided below:

Outdoor Conservation Guidelines:

  • Water early or late in the day to minimize evaporation.
  • Generally, lawns only require one inch of water per week, most coming from precipitation and dew or by watering two times per week at a maximum
  • Raise the level of your lawnmower blade to avoid lawn burnout and the need for watering.
  • Avoid adding new plants or sod to your landscape during this time of excessively hot and dry weather. 

New Jersey American Water’s website also offers wise water use tips that can help residents not only conserve water this summer but all year round.

Other best practices can be found on New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Water Conservation Website.


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