Reservoir in South Orange Named Best Pizza in New Jersey

It’s official: the best pizza in the state of New Jersey is right here in South Orange!

At least according to the readers of New Jersey Monthly, which voted Reservoir — a longtime favorite in town — best in the 2018 Pizza Poll.

Here’s more information from South Orange Village Center Alliance’s Bob Zuckerman in the Village Vibe newsletter:

Reservoir, a beloved institution here in our Village, has won New Jersey Monthly’s 2018 Pizza Poll and can now officially claim to be New Jersey’s favorite pizza!

4,774 votes were cast in the Championship Round, the most votes of any round in the four-week competition. The contest started with 50 pizza restaurants from throughout the state, and reduced the field to 30 for the second week, 10 for the third week, and 4 for the Championship Round.

In addition to Reservoir Restaurant, the final four were Patsy’s in Paterson, Tony D’s in Caldwell and Star Tavern in Orange. That’s some pretty awesome competition to take on, but Reservoir was up to the task, and you Vibers helped put them over the top, so thank you!

Big congratulations go out to our former board member, Bill Agnellino and his sister Barbara who run the restaurant that their family moved to South Orange from Newark back in 1965. Bill told me that he’s hoping to have some kind of celebratory event in the near future, so keep posted for that. In the meantime, head over to Reservoir and get some of their award winning pizza!”

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