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Rebel Folk Studio Celebrates Grand Opening of Makerspace in South Orange, Feb 2

Rebel Folk Studio is a new makerspace in South Orange, just above Bunny’s Sports Bar. “It’s the perfect creative environment where you can make a mess,” said Madeline Shaw, owner of Maplewood Quilting Company, one of the three Rebel Folk companies.

Shaw, along with Sew Leana owner, Leana Lyons Lu, and Wildly Floral owner Josi Stone, joined together to make this collaborative space. They named it Rebel Folk Studio because, as Shaw noted, “We all work in what would be called ‘folk arts.’ But our crafts are often undertaken by women in the home and seem more like hobbies. At Rebel Folk Studios, we are taking these crafts out of the home and pursuing them as serious, creative, money-making ventures.”

Rebel Folk Studio’s grand opening celebration this Saturday is a great time to see all three businesses, the products they sell, and their talented owners at work.

At Rebel Folk Studio you can be a part of Sew Leana’s sewing classes or Wildly Floral’s flower arranging workshops. Check their respective websites for hours and availability.

You can also see Shaw’s quilting studio. Shaw is a modern quilt designer and maker. Her quilts are available on a commission basis only, but you can view some of her creations at Rebel Folk Studio.

Shaw’s quilts have bold, graphic, unexpectedly modern designs without the fussiness of traditional quilts. “I view myself as a textile designer, and put a lot of hard work into each quilt I make. Maplewood Quilting Company’s quilts are accessible and not out of place in the modern home,” said Shaw.

Shaw’s price points range from a $300 crib quilt to a $700 queen-sized quilt, which are surprisingly reasonable prices for commissioned pieces. They make exquisite gifts, but if you want one, plan ahead. There is a 6-week production time.

Rebel Folk Studio is part of a growing trend of women entrepreneurs using their creative talents to make lucrative businesses. And SOMA is embracing them. “South Orange Township has been so welcoming and encouraging,” said Shaw. “If you have the vision and do the hard work you can make it happen.”

Rebel Folk Studio

12 West South Orange Ave

South Orange

A Studio Collective, consisting of:

Sew Leana


Wildly Floral


Maplewood Quilting Co. (website currently in development)


Grand opening February 2 from 3-7pm

Regular studio hours vary by company

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