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UPDATE: Maplewoodstock Canopy, Care of the Park, Space and Crowd Policy

Update from Maplewood Township on July 11 at 3:55 p.m.:

This post was updated on 7/11/19 to provide guidance regarding “Care of the park”

The 16th Annual Maplewoodstock Arts and Music Festival takes place this coming weekend, July 13th and 14th from 12:00pm until 10:00pm in Maplewood Memorial Park amphitheater (across Dunnell Road from the train station).

In addition to the usual art vendors, food vendors and the beer/wine garden there are 19 very talented bands playing over the two days with Antibalas closing the show on Saturday and Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds followed by Turkuaz closing the show on Sunday.

There will be sign language interpreters, led by Laurellie Jacobs Martinez, for all of the bands.

The weather forecast looks fantastic.  To ensure a great community event please adhere to the following rules:


Maplewoodstock’s beautiful venue is our beloved and landmarked Memorial Park. Please be respectful of our historic landscape. Dispose of trash in receptacles or take it with you when you leave. Attachments of any kind to trees or shrubs is prohibited. Newly planted beds along Dunnell Road will be fenced for their protection. Please enter and exit the park in that area on the paths or grassy areas between those plantings.


  • Canopies, chairs, blankets, and other personal items are not permitted in Memorial Park before 5:00 am in accordance to Maplewood Municipal Ordinance. Any personal items that are placed in the park prior to 5:00 am will be removed by the Maplewood Police Department.
  • Canopy Policy:
    • After 5:00 am on each day canopies, chairs, blankets, and other personal items may be placed on a first-come first-served basis. All such items that are placed prior to the beginning of the festival may be unoccupied until the start of the concert.  Once the festival begins, canopies are subject to the “Unoccupied Space” policy below. (i.e., the “clock starts ticking” once the festival starts).
    • Canopies must be 10’ X 10’ or smaller.
    • Canopies may only be placed in the designated areas and must be set up within the clearly marked 10’ X 10’ spaces.
    • Canopies with side panels are prohibited (this includes camping or other type of tents regardless of size) – as this restricts the viewing ability for other attendees.
    • Only one canopy is allowed per family. Each family can place their own canopy and only that one canopy. (i.e., setting up canopies for friends, neighbors, etc is prohibited).
  • Unoccupied Spaces:
    • No person is permitted to “save a space.”  If a canopy, chair, blanket. or other personal item is left unattended for more than 2 hours, then those personal items are subject to removal.
    • Alternatively, if a festival attendee knows that they will not be utilizing their space for an extended period of time, they are free to invite others to utilize such space. If unsuccessful, then they should remove their items or be subject to removal according to the above policy.
  • Umbrellas and other items that may block the view of other concert goers are prohibited outside the designated areas.
  • WHATEVER YOU BRING IN TO THE PARK, YOU MUST TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE – BOTH NIGHTS.  No personal item is permitted to remain in the park overnight.  This includes canopies, chairs, blankets, and any other personal items.  If left overnight they will be removed.


  • There are designated walking/emergency lanes that must remain free of chairs, blankets, etc and must be kept clear at all times.  These lanes are not to be used for viewing the festival, therefore no loitering is permitted within those lanes.
  • In addition, there will be an emergency access land in front of the stage that must remain clear at all times.
  • Police officers will be monitoring these walking/emergency lanes to ensure that they remain clear.

For the full policy please visit

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