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UPDATE: Saeed Concedes to Schnall in Contested South Orange BOT Race

UPDATE, May 11, 6:15 p.m.: South Orange BOT member Steven Schnall sent the following statement to Village Green:

“I had a very good conversation with Nureed and I told her that I appreciate her running a very good and smart campaign.  I look forward to working with her on Village based initiatives in the near future, and am happy that she will be staying engaged in our Community.  I am personally very happy with the win for South Orange 2017 and I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of our Village residents and accomplishing the items on our Platform and other items that come up over the next four years and on.  As I have previously said, I really enjoy working with our existing Board of Trustees and Village government to collaboratively accomplish significant and meaningful goals.  The future is bright for South Orange!”

The following is from Kelly Quirk, campaign manager for Nureed Saeed:

On May 11th, 2017 Nureed Saeed conceded victory to Steve Schnall in the closely contested South Orange Board of Trustees Race. “With a 22 vote difference and only 9 provisional and 5 emergency ballots there was not enough chance to change the vote.” Saeed spoke to Schnall late Thursday afternoon and congratulated him on his victory.

Saeed also spoke to Village President Sheena Collum and said, “I am excited to accept an offer extended by Village President Collum to participate and volunteer to be a member of the Development Committee and serve in other capacities in which my talents and skill set will help the town. I am still 100% committed to downtown development that is smart and sustainable and that takes into account innovation. I still believe we can do better and can promise all my constituents that I will keep asking the tough questions, over and over and over if I have to.”

Despite the fact that there are not enough additional ballots to swing the election, Saeed still expressed concern over some irregularities at the polling in Marshall and potentially other sites and is continuing to ask the County to finalize the vote so every voice is heard. “Emergency Ballots are supposed to be called into the county, and they were not called in by poll workers. Our campaign team alerted the county to [these] issues at both Marshall and OLS [Our Lady of Sorrows] and the county will continue to look into those. In the future I look forward to President Collum ensuring that poll workers in the district understand the responsibilities regarding following procedures for emergency ballots, especially in close races like these.”

Furthermore Saeed said, “While I know that the numbers will not change the outcome here, in the interest of true transparency and democracy I expect the county to complete its due diligence with regard to the emergency ballots and provisional ballots so that every single voice will have been registered and counted.”

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