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Blink in South Orange Goes News-Free With ‘Tune Out While You Work Out’

From Blink Fitness:

Americans are experiencing record levels of stress. To raise awareness of the importance of mental health during National Stress Awareness Month, Blink Fitness has launched “Tune Out While You Work Out,” an initiative to encourage members to minimize stress and focus on themselves.

Every Monday for the month of April, Blink will be switching its television programming to mood-lifting and news-free content in all locations, while inspiring members to take a step back from social media and all of their daily stressors through exercise. The content will include comedy, entertainment, music and educational programming.

Blink’s South Orange location is at 451 Valley Street. Learn more at

According to an annual survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) earlier this year, there was a significant increase in stress amongst Americans for the first time since the survey was first conducted in 2007. Factors that play into Americans’ stress include the current political climate, personal safety, and even constant technology use. As a result of these stressors, 80 percent of Americans have reported at least one health symptom because of additional stressors.

“We always want Blink to be a place our members turn to when they need a mood boost,” said Ellen Roggemann, Vice President of Marketing for Blink Fitness. “After seeing the results of this survey, we wanted to do something that would serve as a reminder that exercise is just as important for our members’ mental well-being as it is for their physical health. We are removing stressors from our gyms like news content from our TV screens and are encouraging members to go social media-free during their workouts so they can tune out while they work out.”  

Exercise offers a plethora of benefits for your body and mental well-being. It has the ability to help with relaxation and calmness, counter depression and mitigate stress. Even better—it boosts endorphins that produce the brain’s feel-good transmitters, serves as a form of meditation that rids daily tensions, and best of all, improves your mood!

About Blink Fitness  

Founded in 2011, Blink Fitness is a premium quality, value-based fitness brand with more than 70 locations open or in development throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. Blink Fitness puts Mood Above Muscle™ which celebrates the positive feeling you get from exercise, not just the physical benefits. Each gym employs the company’s signature Feel Good Experience® that highlights enthusiastic staff members, a clean environment, an open, spacious, and colorful design, energizing music and fitness training that is motivating and affordable.

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