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Kicks N Sticks Heats Up as World Cup Fever Spreads


Kicks N Sticks

Rich Doherty, manager of Millburn’s sporting goods emporium, Kicks N Sticks, likens the World Cup to a month-long Christmas, celebrated across the globe.

Since even before the FIFA 2014 games, held in Brazil, began on June 12, soccer fans have been clamoring to get their hands on their favorite team’s gear.

Doherty says each time the games are held, every four years, the enthusiasm for the sport swells exponentially.

“The World Cup is always good for business and the longer the U.S. stays in it, the better,” he says. In terms of which kits fly off the shelves with Lionel Messi-like speed, Doherty says a lot depends on which teams are hot and which colors are popular.

“Ghana, Cameroon, and the Ivory Coast’s shirts were made by Puma and they were really cool and colorful and had a crest on them, which is pretty rare. We sold out of those almost immediately,” he said. “Because we’re in a culturally-diverse area, Portugal and Costa Rica have also been best sellers.”

Doherty says he isn’t surprised by the amount of interest he’s seen from customers.

“It gets bigger and bigger every four years. People from every walk of life are talking about it. We have the games on in the store and people just stop in and sit down and watch it with us. They don’t have to buy anything. It creates a common bond,” he continues.

World Cup sticker books have also been a big hit with fans of all ages.

“We’ve sold so many books and so many stickers, it would make your head spin,” Doherty says.

In addition to its extensive collection of soccer accoutrements, the store, opened in 1987, also features a department that supplies uniforms for dozens of local sports teams.

After the World Cup concludes on Sunday, July 13, Kicks N Sticks will still enjoy a brisk business as it outfits athletes for lacrosse as well. Additionally, the shop, owned by Donald Santora and Larry Martelli, features a footwear department.

“We provide great service,” Doherty said. “Every customer is fit correctly, which can help prevent injuries. Just because a shoe looks great, if it isn’t sized right, you can run into trouble.”

For more information, visit Kicks N Sticks at 2933 Vauxhall Rd. in Millburn or call 908-688-6463.

Kicks N Sticks

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