Maplewood Chamber Hosts Ken Insana on ‘Demystifying Data’ May 24

From the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce:

Join us for our May Networking Breakfast on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, at St. James’s Gate, 167 Maplewood Avenue, Maplewood for a presentation by Ken Insana — “A Fresh Take on Applying Data To Grow Revenue For Your Small Businesses.”

In this presentation, Ken Insana will walk through some misconceptions about data, make it “less scary,” show you how to uncover hidden trends in your business, and most importantly, make the data actionable – use it to bring in new business!
  •   What are the Five Steps To Analyzing Data?
  •   How To Ask The Right Questions
  •   Be Creative With Numbers:  What Data Do You Really Need?
  •   What Are Your Best Sources?  What works and What Doesn’t
  •   Analysis 101:  We Have Tons of Data…Now What?
  •   Making All This Data Actionable – Just Do It!
It’s easier than you think and Ken will show you how.
In his current role at J.D. Power, Ken is responsible for presenting in-depth analysis about online website behavior and offline automotive sales to clients like Chevy, BMW, Nissan, and Infiniti.
Please respond to Lorraine Labonne-Storch if you will be attending.
Members $10.00, Future Members $20.00.

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