Maplewood’s Able Baker Turns Apple Peeling Party into Rent Party Benefit

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Each year, The Able Baker in Maplewood Village enlists the assistance of members of the community to help peel the many pounds of apples needed for the prodigious amount of pies the bakery sells during the Thanksgiving season.

Evelyn (owner Julie Pauly's mother) at Able Baker apple peeling party

Evelyn (owner Julie Pauly’s mother) at Able Baker apple peeling party

Usually, peelers are paid for their efforts. This year — the 5th the bakery has hosted the peeling party — owner Julie Pauly had a different idea.

“Often, peelers forgo the money and tell us they are doing it for fun, so this year I decided to donate the money — $15 per hour for every hour volunteered — to Rent Party to support local food pantries,” said Pauly.

When the peelers were done, the bakery was able to present a whopping $1,050 donation to Rent Party.

Apple slices at Able Baker

Apple slices at Able Baker

Rent Party is a live music series based in Maplewood and South Orange. Proceeds from these shows help fight hunger in our community. Read more about Rent Party (and how you can donate or help) here.

“We’re just delighted that The Able Baker thought of us when they came up with this very ‘A-peeling’ fundraiser,” said Rent Party co-founder Chris Dickson, feeling grateful (and pun-ny). “These kind of local, grassroots fundraising efforts are at the ‘core’ of Rent Party’s success.”

The apple on top of the sundae: when the owners of Arturo’s heard about the fundraiser, they donated pizza to the peelers and bakery staff.

We are thankful to have such wonderful local businesses and non-profits in our community. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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