Maplewood’s Strawberry Fields Frozen Yogurt to Expand Offerings

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Strawberry Fields in Maplewood will soon be more than frozen yogurt.

The store at 147 Maplewood Avenue is temporarily closed for cleaning, repainting and the addition of a juicer and, perhaps, some Italian ice, reported business owner Rob Mercadante.

Mercadante was at the shop today to post a sign notifying customers of the coming changes and the potential re-opening dates. He said that he expects to re-open in mid-February or by March 1 — but could re-open sooner if he sees a particularly warm 10-day forecast. Mercadante said that even a sunny 35-degree day can bring in business, but noted that this is the slow time of year.

In response to rumors that the business was closing for good, Mercadante laughed, “This store does very well…. Maplewood likes yogurt. You’re really conscious of your health.” Mercadante also operates Strawberry Fields locations in Morristown, Union and New Providence. In fact, he is testing the juicer in Morristown now, where the store remains open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the winter months.

Closing the Maplewood store will be “a good opportunity to really get the place freshened up,” said Mercadante.

He notes that the juicing station will add another healthy snack option for townspeople. Meanwhile, Italian ice will provide an affordable afterschool snack option for Maplewood Middle School students.

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