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1st Presbyterian & Trinity Church in South Orange Hosts Father’s Day Open House

The following is from First Presbyterian and Trinity Church

Rueda Salsa Club

Located in the heart of South Orange, NJ, First Presbyterian and Trinity Church will host a food- and fun-filled Free Open House on Father’s Day, June 18, from 1-4PM. First Presbyterian and Trinity Church is located at 111 Irvington Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079.

Home to a diverse, inclusive, and socially active congregation, First Presbyterian and Trinity is also home to the buzzed-about Rueda Salsa Club, the South Mountain YMCA Gymnastics program, and Yoga for Kids.

Reflecting the vibrancy of those groups and many others, the Open House will feature ongoing demonstrations by Rueda Salsa Club, South Mountain YMCA Gymnastics, and Yoga for Kids. Other participants include the Peppermint Players Theater Company, 1199, and the Jamaican Nurses Association. Hungry guests can buy Fair Trade coffee, tea, and chocolate, home-baked treats, and foods prepared with flair by congregation members from around the US and the world.

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About First Presbyterian and Trinity Church

Founded in 1881 in South Orange, NJ, First Presbyterian and Trinity Church (FP&T) has been at the literal heart of South Orange for over 135 years. A diverse congregation with members from around the United States and the world, FP&T has this mission: We envision a vibrant church without borders where all who share a desire to be accepted into a diverse Christian community may find a home. We desire to become a congregation committed to grow both spiritually and in numbers. We hope to be a prominent light in our community, known for our acts of service and advocacy and in Christ’s name. We seek to foster a passion for faith in action so that our members will be empowered to give back to the world.

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