2018 Maplewood Chili Cookoff Raises Over $6,000 to Fight Hunger

From The Maplewood Chili Cookoff:

The 2018 Maplewood Chili Cookoff raised over $6,000 to fight hunger in our community!

Because of the generous support of the sponsors who funded the cookoff and the volunteers who gave their time to make it possible, all of the money spent on tickets and all of our bar profits went directly to The Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges. That’s over $6,000 to buy nutritious food for the people in our community who need it most.

Please make an effort to support the businesses that have supported us:

Pollock Properties Group: the community-focused real estate group that gives back more than any other.
Whole Foods: No hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners, ever.
BCB Community Bank: Our favorite community-minded bank (new branch in downtown Maplewood!)
Additional sponsorship came from The Able BakerWine BarrelRedglass PicturesGreat BelieverPhoto Booth StudiosMartin’s Pretzels, and the South Mountain YMCA.

Also, a huge thank you also to our two amazing house bands Stillhouse Serenade and The Hometown Specials!

Over 300 voters dug into 33 toothsome chilis.

Meet our big winners!

Meat Category: 
1st Place: Chetan Vijayvergiya (Chili #1)
2nd Place Jason Amado (Chili #7)
3rd Place: Brian Kelly (Chili #9)
Veggie Category: 
1st Place Tony Trombino (Chili E)
2nd Place Donna Ferrer (Chili F)
3rd Place Moosa Aziz (Chili D)

Keep an eye out for our trophy’s return to the lobby of Maplewood town hall with Chetan and Tony’s names on it in the coming weeks!

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