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Maplewood Community Organizer Wants to ‘Revolutionize the Way People Volunteer’ With 2Buckets App

Katie Rickard

Maplewood’s Katie Rickard clearly has both service and entrepreneurship in her veins.

She’s putting them together with 2Buckets; this week Rickard announced a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 to fund the development of the mobile app that will connect individuals, with their limited windows of time, to meaningful volunteer activities. “2Buckets aspires to make giving your time as easy as possible,” Rickard explained in a release. “Users simply indicate the time they have to volunteer and the app matches them with an appropriate opportunity.”

Rickard is a former elementary school teacher in Compton, California, and has always had a passion for community organizing. “Giving time should be simple for people and meaningful for causes. 2Buckets aspires to be the next generation of volunteering, as easy as finding times to see a movie.  It’s the for volunteering opportunities in our area. Know that you have between 10 a.m. and noon this Wednesday? 2Buckets will find you an activity for that time. Maybe it’s cleaning up a park. Maybe it’s packing bags at a food pantry. It’s one and done but you can always come back for more!”

“We are launching a Kickstarter campaign,” Rickard added, “because I know folks in the North Jersey area, where I live, and the greater NYC Metro area have huge hearts but limited time. This free app could help them make a difference and their donations to this project will ensure it becomes a reality. We are seeking supporters starting as low as $25 to help develop 2Buckets and market it to users and charities alike.  There are also some pretty sweet 2buckets rewards for those higher donations!” 

Rickard’s idea came for 2Buckets one year ago today. In January 2017, when she was unable to make the Women’s March in DC, she decided to turn her passion and energy for change into local action. Utilizing Facebook and email, she organized over 200 people nationwide to donate hundreds of hours to causes that day. What surprised her most was that most people didn’t have specific place they wanted to volunteer but they did have specific times. ”No one said, don’t place me here or I will only work there, but everyone was pretty adamant that they only had specific times they could give,” Rickard said.  The process of matching times and charities was arduous using her spreadsheet and handwritten notes. This led Rickard to think there could be an easier way and “there had to be an app for that.” Thus, the idea for 2Buckets was born.

The short video on the Kickstarter page explains the genesis of 2Buckets as well as how specifically the app will work.  Donations can also be made on that page, linked here.

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