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Maplewood Library Kicks Off Capital Campaign with $300K from Woman’s Club

From Maplewood Library Foundation:

Maplewood Woman’s Club presents $300,000 check to Maplewood Library Foundation

The Maplewood Library Foundation has kicked off their Capital Campaign to raise funds for a renovated Main Library that will serve the community for generations to come. The campaign was inaugurated on Thursday, February 22 when the Woman’s Club of Maplewood presented the first major gift to the campaign in the form of a check for $300,000.00.

The Woman’s Club of Maplewood has always shown a strong commitment to lifelong learning and has supported the mission of the Maplewood Memorial Library to provide free and equal access to information. For many years the Woman’s Club has supported children’s programs and collections, and they have been a major sponsor of the Maplewood Ideas Festival.

Said Library Director Sarah Lester, “The Woman’s Club’s activity and involvement helped shape Maplewood during its periods of growth in the 20th century, and they are now continuing their support into the 21st century. Our community will benefit greatly from their generous gift to the Foundation. With their support and the support of many others in our community, the library will be accessible, inspiring and technologically advanced for years to come.”

In thanking the Woman’s Club for their donation, Foundation President Ben Cohen said, “The strength of Maplewood, and what I love about this town, has always been its people—people like you, the members of the Woman’s Club. We intend to build this 21st Century Library for all the people of Maplewood, but it’s more than that. We’re building it for our children, our grandchildren and out great-grandchildren. Your generosity will help us create a space that will enhance our community for generations.”

More information and proposed plans for the new facility can be found on the Foundation’s Website.

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