SOMA Spotlight: Maplewood Musician, Composer, Voiceover Artist Watt White

by Joy Yagid
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Watt White


Watt White

What town do you live in, and how long have you lived here?

Maplewood, 6 years.

SOMA or MapSO?

SOMA all the way.

What do you do?

I am a musician. I write and produce songs, make music for advertising and TV, and perform as a singer and voiceover artist.

Why do you live/work/interact here?

Originally because it just seemed to be on the “where do you go from Brooklyn?” short list, then my voiceover agent who lives in town gave Maplewood a big endorsement. Now we have so many great friends here it’s hard to imagine leaving.

What podcast or Spotify channel are you listening to right now?

I don’t do podcasts, but scan new music daily on Spotify. All genres, and mostly only stuff I don’t know.

If you could say one nice thing to the residents of SOMA/MapSO, what would it be?

Thanks for the abundance of caution this past year.

Is there anything about our towns that bugs you? Or, if you could change one thing, what would it be?

We need a bespoke, colorful and delicious legit homemade ice cream parlor.

If SOMA was a type of music/instrument – what type of music/instrument would it be?

Probably a set of turntables and a crate of curated vinyl.

What SOMA event is your favorite and that you’ll be at once the pandemic restrictions end?

Duck race. So bummed it’s off this weekend!

How do you contribute to our community?

I was excited to have the opportunity to help out with this year’s Tuscan show—really glad they persevered and help make that happen.

What’s your favorite dessert in SOMA?

Able Baker blueberry crumble cake

What’s your favorite outdoor space SOMA?

Underhill Field Track

What’s your favorite thing about living here?

It’s all about the people.

Which SOMA store has the best pizza/bagel?

Roman G[ourmet] and Sonny’s [Bagels]

What’s your favorite place to go on Saturday morning?

MSO youth softball games! (Ideally after 6am golf).

What is your favorite place to park in Maplewood or South Orange Village?

Anywhere I can find, just like Manhattan.

What superpower would you like to have? Would you use it for good or evil? And would you use it to get a parking spot?

Either mind reading or a 10-minute time machine. Would use both a lot, probably for a mixture of a good and mischief (not evil).

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