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South Orange Celebrates Passover With ‘Biur Chametz’ at Fire Station

On the morning before Passover, all chametz — leavened food or bread —is sold or burned in preparation for the Passover celebration. This morning Congregation Beth El did biur chametz up right, holding the ceremony at the very appropriate location of the South Orange Fire Station.

It was a great moment for multitasking as one local commented on Facebook.

“After burning our chametz this morning with the South Orange Fire Department, we learned about fire safety, got to check out the fire truck, and even sprayed the hose!” reported Rabbi Jesse Olitzky of Beth El.

“I’m buying Congregation Beth El‘s leavened products and then we’re going to ritually burn our bread in preparation for Passover,” wrote South Orange Village President Sheena Collum. “Thank you Rabbi Jesse Olitzky for allowing me to be part of this celebration and Rachel Zorel for your great videography skills!”

Collum also took the opportunity to turn serious for a few moments, noting that it had been “a challenging few months” in the community and that events such as today’s biur chametz showed the “true spirit” of South Orange — a diverse community where people of all faiths and backgrounds come together.

Olitzky wished everyone a “Chag Sameach!”

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