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DuBowy Endorses Sheena Collum: ‘Forget the Rhetoric, The Choice is Clear’

To the Editor:

As a 27-year resident, serving on numerous committees and boards, including the South Orange Board of Trustees, I must express my disappointment in the way the Village President campaign is playing out.

I decided, after being involved in every election since 1997, to sit this one out. I know both candidates quite well and have worked closely with them. I did not want to choose a side, since I have tremendous respect for both of them.

The current discourse and misinformation is disturbing, because both Sheena and Deborah have enjoyed a shared vision over the past 12 years of their friendship and professional relationship.

Sheena’s 17 years of dedicated service to our community and professional and personal accomplishments are quite incredible and impressive. Her knowledge of municipal government is extensive.

Sheena has the ability to build consensus among her peers, listen to all stakeholders, represent all constituents, and work with other communities to come up with the best solutions for our Village.

Sheena is an individual with high energy, a positive attitude, great intellect, and unquestionable integrity.

Please join me in re-electing Sheena Collum as our Village President on May 14th.


Jeff DuBowy

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