Letter: Baker & Baker Will Ensure All Students Are Offered All Opportunities

To Our SOMA Neighbors:

We are writing to strongly support Elizabeth Baker and Robin Baker for school board.

Both women have previous board experience and bring professional skills and deep commitment to their candidacy. For us, ensuring that all students in the district receive an equitable education is a top priority. We’ve had the opportunity to speak in depth with Elizabeth and Robin about the ways that the schools fall short in achieving true integration, the disproportionate punishments to which students of color are subjected and the continued struggle to ensure that all students are offered all of the opportunities available in our schools. While these are enduring issues for our district, Elizabeth and Robin are ready to tackle these core issues and will hold the school administration accountable for implementing critical policies.

We believe that most SOMA residents understand that we all must care about the success of all students—and hope you will join us in voting for Baker and Baker on November 7.


Lisa E. Davis, South Orange

Leslie M. Kantor, Maplewood

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