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LETTER: Donna Coallier Is Advocate for Those With No Voice

From Micheline Sommers:

Donna Coallier

With the upcoming election for Village President and Board of Trustees in South Orange, I feel compelled to let you know about Donna Coallier, one of the candidates running for a Board of Trustees position. We often don’t know the candidates until they are in the public eye, so I want to provide you with a sneak peek into this candidate’s life. I have known Donna for many years and feel I have seen all sides of her, personally and professionally. She is a caring, compassionate and concerned person about the issues that face us today, not only as a community but as a country and a world. She is the poster child for being environmentally conscious and has always been so, even before it became the pressing issue that it is today. Her caring and respect for older adults is demonstrated daily through her interactions with them, whether she agrees with you or not, she will respect your opinion. She believes that we can all contribute a measurable influence on the world and that we all should be given the opportunity to give back to our community. She listens with her heart about others concerns from the youngest child to the oldest adult and from every walk of life, letting them know they are heard and validated. She not only listens but demonstrates through her actions, evidenced by her volunteerism. She is an advocate for those who often do not have a voice. She is and always will be the woman to make your community a better place to live.

Micheline Sommers, LMSW

Geriatric Therapist

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