Letter: McGehee Has Willingness to Hear All Viewpoints

by The Village Green
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To the Editor:

My name is Craig Goldstein and I have lived in Maplewood for over six years. I will be voting for Frank McGehee for Maplewood Township Committee on November 8.

Frank has a true passion and love for Maplewood. He is an independent thinker who believes strongly in supporting our senior population, creating a safer community by addressing residents’ concerns on pedestrian safety, and being fiscally responsible by expanding shared services with our neighboring towns.

What I respect most about Frank is not only his willingness to take the time to speak to people who share his views on how to improve our town, but more importantly that he spends the same amount of time listening to and engaging with residents who disagree with his viewpoints.  In my opinion, this is the type of person I want leading our town’s future.

I truly believe that Frank’s business acumen, dedication to improving public safety, and his long history of volunteerism will help Frank succeed in becoming a valued and respected member of the Maplewood Township Committee.

Please vote for Frank McGehee for Maplewood Township Committee on November 8.

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