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Letter to the Editor: Cuttle is Leader in Field of Education Policy

To the Editor,

I am writing to express my support for the candidacy of Shannon Cuttle for SOMA Board of Education. Our community is home to many people who are at the top of their field but who don’t flaunt it. Actors, musicians, entrepeneurs, writers, advocates, business people, social workers, teachers and others, quietly achieving excellence. Shannon is one of those people, in the field of education policy.

Little did most of us know that quietly living amongst us was Shannon, one of the nation’s foremost policy-makers for transforming school cultures. Shannon has led anti-bullying and anti-bias conferences for President and Mrs. Obama at the White House. Shannon has consulted with cities much larger than ours to develop policies that transform school cultures, making schools physically and psychologically safe for all children so that creative learning can take place. For example, Shannon led the effort to pass the first city-wide anti-bullying policy in the nation in Washington, DC.

Shannon knows how to craft effective education policy because their career has been devoted to children from its beginning, starting as a classroom teacher in the Detroit public schools for nine years and then becoming a school administrator. Those experiences propelled Shannon into policy making, to help more children by creating systemic change – exactly what our district needs right now.

When Shannon moved to NJ to help Garden State Equality bring a state-wide anti-bullying policy to our state, Shannon chose to make Maplewood home. Now Shannon is offering to serve on our Board of Education to bring their expertise and experience home. We are fortunate that Shannon chose us, and we should choose Shannon for Board of Ed.


Rachel Fisher

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