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LETTER: Village President Sheena Collum Listens, Answers Questions

To the Editor:

I am writing to show my support for the reelection of Sheena Collum as the Village President of South Orange NJ. I have never been as involved with local politics as I have become in the last few years. This is because we have a Village President who actually listens to what people say and answers their questions. Someone who answers questions with facts, clearly presented and obviously researched. She does not speak in slogans and rhetoric, she speaks honestly, leavened by her experience.

We face many of the same issues as other towns in our area; high taxes, old infrastructure, transit issues, and the difficulties in welcoming new residents while trying not to lose the valuable knowledge of our older residents. I have watched and participated as Ms. Collum has tackled every one of these issues, directly and honestly.

Her efforts to merge fire services with Maplewood will hopefully lead to real savings for both towns while increasing the protection we currently enjoy. She has tackled much overdue renovations to town facilities and overseen the sale of our old Village Hall, saving the town millions while attracting a reputable restaurant and beer garden that will call it home. She frequently meets with neighboring Mayors and transit officials, advocating for improvements in NJ Transit service, such as the direct bus service we now have from our train station to the Port Authority. None of these projects are easy, and she has put in the hours of work necessary to get all of the involved parties moving in the same direction.

We need local leaders like Ms. Collum who are willing to invest so much of themselves in our town and the well being of all of our residents. Please, vote May 14th for Village President Sheena Collum. We need to continue this good work.

Thank you,

Dan Dietrich

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