No Republican to Run for Maplewood Township Committee in 2018

Two Democrats — incumbents Nancy Adams and Greg Lembrich — have met the registration deadline to run for two seats on the Maplewood Township Committee in the June 5 primary this year. The general election is November 6.

However, no Republicans registered by the deadline.

The registration information was announced at the April 3 Maplewood Township Committee meeting.

According to the Essex County Clerk’s office, it is now too late for any additional candidates to register to run with a party affiliation in the general election since they missed the primary registration.

However, independent candidates have until June 5 — primary day — to submit a petition with the county to run for the Maplewood Township Committee. The last independent candidate to run for Maplewood TC was Kurt Kiley in 2014.

At least in recent years, there have been no uncontested Maplewood Township Committee elections — until now. Although no Republican has won election to the TC since the 1990s, Republicans have consistently fielded candidates: In 2009, Bob Perez and Bart Albini ran; in 2010 and 2011, Albini; in 2012 and 2013, Art Gartenlaub; in 2014, Perez; in 2015, Phyllis Scalera; in 2016 and 2017, Mike Summersgill.

Conversely, until the early 1990s, the Maplewood Township Committee was solidly Republican.

Village Green has reached out to Maplewood Republican Committee leaders but has not yet received a reply.

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