VIDEO: Election 2020 Q&A with Essex County Clerk Durkin & Maplewood Mayor McGehee

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From Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee:

The November 2020 Election is just 40 days away. 

Last week I met with Chris Durkin, Essex County Clerk regarding What You Need to Know to Vote in the November 3rd Election

Thank you to the SOMATV team – Dustin, Larry and Ben for your tremendous work on this program/ Voting PSA and Q&A

General Election Information

    • Election conducted primarily through vote-by-mail ballots.
    • All registered voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot. 
    • Ballots will begin to be mailed no later than September 28th.
    • Ballots must be returned by Nov. 3rd, either by mail (postmarked by 11/03), by depositing it in a local secure ballot drop box (by 8 p.m. on 11/03), or by handing it directly to a poll worker at a polling place on Nov. 3rd (signature required).
    • All ballots sent are real ballots.  Sample ballots can be viewed at
    • If the County rejects a ballot, a letter will be sent to the voter stating the reason and the voter will be given an opportunity to fix the defect.
    • Ballots will be able to be tracked at (name required) and ID required).
    • Voting at a polling location will be by a paper provisional ballot. 
    • All individuals with disabilities will have access to an ADA-conforming voting machine.
    • To check if you are registered, go to and click the “Am I Registered?” link.
  • Deadline for voter registration – for first time voters, change of name or address, or change of signature is October 13th. Online voter registration is live at
  • The Office of the Maplewood Township Clerk will be open on October 13th from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. for the last day of voter registration.

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