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VIDEO: Tense, Impassioned Exchanges Between Collum & Davis Ford at Academy Heights Forum

South Orange Village President Sheena Collum and Trustee Deborah Davis Ford met for the first time in a recorded forum on April 24 at Kol Rina Minyan hosted by the Academy Heights Neighborhood Association.

Collum started the forum clearly agitated and strenuously rebutted a flier on fire services sent by Davis Ford’s campaign in an early question on shared services; Davis Ford defended the flier and her support for shared services. The topic of school funding also exposed a pointed divergence between the two candidates.

The two candidates answered questions on:

  1. The Impact of PILOTs (tax incentives for developers) on the school district budget
  2. Shared Services
  3. New Development v. Preservation
  4. 4th & Valley Delay
  5. Homelessness
  6. Civic Engagement and Communication
  7. Property Taxes (With a Discussion on the School Funding Formula)
  8. Municipal Renovations
  9. The Coalition on Race Demographic Report
  10. What do you want your Legacy to be?

The Village President candidates’ portion of the forum starts at 58:30 in the video. The video was recorded by Village Green on SOMAtv equipment and processed by Joy Yagid.

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