Want to Meet the BOE Member of Your Dreams? Try the ‘Candi-Date’ Nov 4

From PARES and SOMA Action:

Here in SOMa, we’re a pretty civically engaged group. We’re not afraid to march in protest, have spirited debate at our Town and Village Council meetings, and show up en mass to make our voices heard at our Board of Education meetings.

However – even the most enthusiastic of us can admit it – candidate forums can be a little formulaic. Candidates use their time to share standard talking points, and with limited Q&A time at each event, they may lose the opportunity to engage with potential voters.

PARES and SOMa Action have decided to do something new. On November 4 at 2:30 pm, we will host our first annual CANDI-DATE event. Based on the popular speed-dating concept, the event will allow candidates to meet a large number of voters in a short period of time.

As the attendees arrive for the evening program, each will be given a number and assigned to a small group. Following brief opening statements from each candidate, the “dating” begins. Positioned around the room, candidates will meet with their first small group, based on the assigned numbers. With no need to repeat their background or vision statements, it will be the voters’ turn to find out more about each candidate. PARES and SOMA Action will provide “prompting” questions in case conversation needs be jump started, but voters will be asked to come prepared with questions of their own, too.

2017 Candi-Date with the BOE at the Maplewood Memorial Library

Ten minutes of conversation and then each group will move to the next candidate. PARES and SOMa Action members will serve as “hosts” for each group to make sure no single attendee monopolizes the time and to keep groups moving along at the end of each round. In about an hour, the voters will meet—and question—the entire slate of candidates.

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