Maplewood Records 15 New COVID-19 Cases this Month; Plus Here’s Where to Get Tested

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From Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee:

The Maplewood Public Health Division Update 

Our cumulative and new numbers for 8/24 through 9/23 are as follows:

Total Deaths: 27  

Total Cases: 367 (+15 new cases – ages: 20-94) OVER 60% of new cases are 20-29 year old

Total recovered cases: 291 (+13)

NJ Statewide confirmed cases: 200,988 

Essex County confirmed cases: 20,898 (2nd highest county in NJ) 

State aggregate data resources: Click under “daily case summary updates.” Click the Demographics tab.

For COVID-19 questions, please call 2-1-1 or our Public Health Division at (973) 762-8120 or visit the Maplewood COVID-19 website:

Testing Opportunities

Maplewood’s daily (weekdays only) mobile testing site in partnership with Salerno Medical Associates and Accurate Labs is open!

Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee at Covid testing site, Maplewood Pool

Essex County testing sites are available weekly:

Nasal Swab Testing:

Friday, September 25th, 8:30am to 12:30pm – Essex County Weequahic Park, Newark

Saliva Testing Dates:

Monday, September 28th – Montclair High School

Tuesday, September 29th – Irvington High School


  • Residents age 8 and older are welcome to get tested.
  • Residents are encouraged to get retested if they have been tested 14 days ago or more and have received negative test results or are asymptomatic.
  • Testing is provided free of charge to Essex County residents. No insurance [necessary]

See  for more info.

Township of Maplewood Public Health Message – Embrace the New Normal: 


When you go out, remember your essentials: 

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Face Covering and 
  • Cell Phone

Our goal is to keep our numbers low.  To do this, our entire community needs to limit attending or creating social gatherings, stay six feet apart, wash your hands regularly, and everyone should wear a face covering in public.

This is the key for success and we can do it so we can maintain and enhance being a functioning society with businesses staying open, children participating in activities and parents returning back to work.  But again, this is dependent on everyone doing their part and it is vital now more than ever for people to do so.  

To our young Maplewoodians, Please Don’t Risk It. You may think that you will not get sick but you can spread COVID to others including your parents/guardians, grandparents or to a friend/sibling who is immunocompromised.  Build your healthy habits now.  Wear a face covering/ face mask when you’re in a public space, especially when you are getting together with friends.


Please post a picture of yourself properly using face coverings and taking part in everyday activities safely and tag it #newnormalmaplewood.  Assist your community by being positive social influencers.  Spread the word.

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