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School Nurse: Flattening the Curve Means No Hanging in Friend Groups in Parks or Otherwise

A message from Julie Porter, lead nurse, South Orange-Maplewood School District:

Hello South Orange & Maplewood School District Families,

This is Julie Porterlead nurse, for the school district.

We need your help to #FlattentheCurve and to slow down the spread of Coronavirus in our communities.

As of Saturday, March 21, Governor Phil Murphy, announced a Statewide Stay at Home Order, directing all residents to stay at home until further notice. The order provides for certain exceptions, such as obtaining essential goods or services, seeking medical attention, visiting family or close friends, reporting to work, or engaging in outdoor activities.

In an effort to strengthen the existing social distancing measures in place, the order also prohibits all gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, or other social events, unless otherwise authorized by the Order.

  • We encourage all of our South Orange and Maplewood families to follow these orders with your children, so this means playdates and games in the park, including but not limited to soccer, lacrosse or any outdoor games with multiple children, not of the same household are no longer an option.
  • For families of middle school and HS students, we urge you to have them stay home.  It is not business as usual, while schools are closed and with the new state order, students should not be hanging out in friend groups as normal.
  • Social distancing does not mean social isolation – students at all age-levels need social connection, however, creative approaches will be needed to help them (such as writing letters, online video chats and the like).

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If you or your family needs to get some fresh air, remember when in public, individuals must practice social distancing and stay at least six feet apart whenever possible (excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners)

We value our community and our students.

We know this is a difficult time, but PLEASE help us keep our community, elderly, those at high-risk and the youngest members of our population safe by following the “statewide stay at home order”

Thank You

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