Holiday Maplewood

Best Maplewood Halloween Costume Contest Photo Gallery Ever!

Well, Maplewood, you outdid yourself this year.

The costumes at the Annual Maplewood Chamber of Commerce Halloween Costume Contest in Maplewood Village today were elaborate, silly, fun and sometimes very, very clever.

The Yip Yips from the Muppets (remember them? those freaky-but-cute, open-mouthed aliens?) were a personal favorite. The kid who came as a washing machine with a laundry basket on top won the hearts of many chore-burdened parents. And the little girl in the Arcade Claw Machine had us all a little worried — although not as much as those parents who seemed to be serving up their baby in a bun from a hot dog cart. We’re calling DYFS!

All photos by Claire Sinclair.

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