LETTER: Vic De Luca Endorses Line A Democrats in June 8 Primary Election

by Vic De Luca
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To the Editor:

In November 2020, we learned all too well that elections have consequences. We lived through the four chaotic years of Donald Trump and we are just digging out from the overwhelmingly negative consequences of his administration.

And now Republican legislatures and governors around the country are passing laws to limit voting rights. They are making voting more difficult for low-income communities and people of color and seeking to restore Jim Crow voter intimidation policies and practices.

We have the cure and it is our vote. There is no such thing as an unimportant election; all elections matter.

On Tuesday, June 8th we have the opportunity to vote for Governor Phil Murphy, the most progressive governor in our lifetime. It doesn’t matter that his is unopposed. If we believe in social, economic, environmental and racial justice, we need to get to the polls to show our support for Phil Murphy. I support the Governor because he shares our values and I urge you to get to the polls and vote for him too.

We need to support our 27th District Legislative Team – Senator Dick Cody, Assemblyperson Mila Jasey and Assemblyperson John McKeon. They are always fighting for us in Trenton and we need to give them our support.

There is a contested election for Sheriff. I urge you to vote to re-elect Armando Fontoura. As Essex County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Sheriff Fontoura has provided steady leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s re-elect Fontoura as Sheriff.

We have two exceptional candidates for Maplewood Township Committee – Nancy Adams and Jamaine Cripe. I am excited about working again with Nancy and having Jamaine bring her skills and interests to the Township Committee.

Lastly, we have local Democratic District Leaders running on the Line A ticket. In District 19 there is a contested election. Stephen Sigmund (18-A) and Rebecca Scheer (19-A) are the best choices. Steve served on the Maplewood Board of Adjustment and he is professionally involved in making the Gateway Rail Tunnel a reality. Becky is involved in numerous civic groups and was instrumental in the Township’s 2020 Census Campaign.

Voting is too important to let someone else do it. Exercise you right to vote. Vote on Tuesday, June 8th for the Line A Democrats. Polls open 6am and close at 8pm.

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