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SOMA Action to Hold #ReleaseTheReport Rally in South Orange April 4

From SOMA Action:

SOUTH ORANGE – NOV 8: Nobody Is Above The Law Rally is hosted by Soma Action in South Orange NJ (Photos by Matt Peyton)

Thursday, April 4, is a Nationwide Emergency Protest organized by a coalition of hundreds of activist groups around the country to demand release of the full [U.S. Special Counsel Robert] Mueller Report. Mueller’s investigation brought 37 indictments and 7 guilty pleas. The report is hundreds of pages long, yet we have seen less than 50 words of it. Why is it taking so long for Attorney General William Barr to release it? Why is Barr redacting significant parts before it is released? 

Democrats in the House need to hear from all of us that we will demand nothing less than full transparency. Republicans in Congress and the White House need to know that we will not lie down and watch them flagrantly violate our democratic norms. It’s time, once again, to stand up and make our voices heard:  As Adam Schiff has so cogently said:  THIS   IS    NOT   OKAY.

Hope you can join us.  Please spread the word!

PLACE: South Orange Train Station

ADDRESS: 17 Sloane Street

TIME: 5pm

DATE: Thursday, April 4, 5 p.m.

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