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New South Orange Firefighter Harry Callaghan Brings Maplewood Legacy

Last night, Henry (Harry) Callaghan and three other firefighters were sworn in as new members of the South Orange Fire Department.

But Harry caught our eye here at Village Green.

For years, Harry’s dad Joe Callaghan was a point person for the media at the Maplewood Fire Department. Callaghan made it a pleasure to cover public safety news — and he made news himself when he donated one of his kidneys to save the life of fellow firefighter Greg Snell.

After rising to the rank of Deputy Chief, Callaghan retired from the MFD last year.

Now Harry, age 24, joins South Orange to keep the family legacy alive.

“He was supposed to go to law school!” the elder Callaghan told Village Green. “He said he was influenced by my experience as a firefighter. He saw how much firefighters love what they do.”

Joining the young Callaghan as new members of the South Orange Fire Department are Alec DeSocio, Alexander Gibson and Brandon Infantes.

Village Green congratulates all the newly minted firefighters and their families and thanks them for their service.

Photos courtesy of South Orange Village Deputy Administrator Adam Loehner:

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