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CHS STEM Summer Assignments for 2019-2020 School Year

From Columbia High School:

Dear CHS Parents/Guardians and Students:

In our continued efforts to help students succeed and ensure their success in future courses, we have created summer assignments for math and science classes.

Our aim is to provide students with helpful practice over the summer to ensure a smooth opening of the year and to allow us to cover our entire plan for the curriculum.

Here is a direct link to all summer assignments:

Not every course in CHS STEM has a summer assignment and only some of the assignments are graded. Please click the link and select the course your child is taking in the fall for specific details. Below is an overview:

Some assignments use google classroom and students must use their school email accounts to access them. This email address is their school ID followed by “” Students new to the district without email address can contact the helpdesk for assistance ([email protected]).

Lastly, if any parent is looking to purchase calculators, graphing calculators would be useful in all math classes and many of the sciences. TI-84’s are most commonly used at CHS and on state assessments. We’ll have some classroom sets at CHS but if a student is able to own one of their own, it affords them more time with the tool.

We respect a balance among academic, social and personal wellness needs. These assignments are aimed at supporting your success to start the school year. Have a great summer! Thank you,

Jameel Misbahuddin
9-12 STEM Supervisor
South Orange & Maplewood School District
Columbia High School (A 307)
973-762-5600 ext 1204
[email protected]

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