Deadline to Sign Letter of Compliance to Return to Hybrid Instruction at SOMSD: January 12

by The Village Green
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Any family who has chosen hybrid instruction for their child must electronically sign the Parent Agreement Letter of Compliance for each child attending in-person instruction. The deadline to sign is Tuesday, January 12, 2021. If you do not agree to comply with COVID-19 Guidelines and the agreement is not electronically signed prior to your child’s return to school they will not be allowed in the school buildings and must continue their instruction virtually.


The Parent Agreement Letter of Compliance with COVID-19 Guidelines must be completed utilizing the district’s PowerSchool Parent Portal by Tuesday, January 12, 2021. You must use a computer or a mobile device web browser to complete the form. The PowerSchool iOS and Android PowerSchool applications are not compatible with our online forms.

Accessing The Agreement Letter:

Select Quick Links > Parents > PowerSchool:
Login to the parent portal using your login credentials previously created
Left click on the name of the student you want to complete forms for
Left click “Forms” on the left navigation menu
Locate the forms named “Parent Agreement Letter of Compliance With COVID-19 Guidelines”
Download Directions (or see below): How To Access The Parent Agreement Letter of Compliance With COVID-19 Guidelines

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