Letter to the Editor: Baker and Jones Bring Dedication and Experience

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As parents of SOMSD, we are writing to express our personal support for Elizabeth Baker and Maureen Jones for the school board, which does not represent the views of the employers with whom we are affiliated.

Elizabeth and Maureen are not only well-versed on the key issues that are driving our district, they have repeatedly demonstrated a high level of engagement, leadership, character and well-placed energy in several capacities. They are both laser-focused on representing parents across our district, ensuring that our teachers are equipped with the appropriate level of resources, improving the district’s management of the budget, enhancing the district’s ability to address/respond to crisis appropriately and overall creating an environment where parents see transparency and teachers feel supported.

As parents of children in our schools and volunteers in our PTAs and our community, Maureen and Elizabeth bring the dedication and experience, as well as a commitment to dialogue, that we need on our Board during this time of transition.

Having experienced many changes over the past year, our district is at a critical point and faces many challenges and key decisions. We are highly confident that under Maureen’s and Elizabeth’s leadership that they are the best candidates to address what lies ahead – head on.


Marie and Frank McGehee


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