Letter to the Editor: Karriem Endorses Baker and Jones

by The Village Green
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I am thrilled to endorse Elizabeth Baker and Maureen Jones for the Board of Education because the Board will benefit greatly from their skills and experiences.

Elizabeth has been a volunteer in our school community for many years and, as a labor and employment lawyer, has strong negotiating skills and expertise in healthcare, financial oversight and governance.

Maureen, too, has been an active PTA volunteer, most recently serving as President of the Clinton School PTA, and has over 20 years experience working with children with special needs.

They have high expectations for all students and will work hard to serve all of them well (regardless of their abilities or backgrounds), making sure that we don’t sacrifice programs or services that are necessary to achieve academic excellence in our schools.

My tenure on the Board has shown me that being open, having integrity, and respecting others are all key attributes of a valuable Board member. Maureen and Elizabeth will strive to build a stronger relationship between the Board and the community by improving the lines of communication. They will listen to diverse points of view and will work collaboratively to thoughtfully address the issues facing our district. Every child in this district deserves a quality education, and making that happen requires support from a Board that is truly committed to the needs of all students. Elizabeth and Maureen will work tirelessly to insure that every child is engaged, challenged, supported and provided with an enriching educational experience.

Although I am currently a member of the Board of Education, the views expressed herein are solely my own. Please join me in voting for Maureen Jones and Elizabeth Baker on Tuesday, November 4.

Sandra Karriem

South Orange, NJ

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