Letter: Johanna Wright Is a ‘Welcome and Necessary Voice’

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To the Editors:

Our two towns benefit tremendously by re-electing Johanna Wright to the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education.

Simply put, she is a 30-year veteran of the district who is not afraid to ask the right questions. Over the past few years, Johanna Wright has been on the short side of several 8-1 votes during her tenure on the Board. In the words of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, she prefers “not to take part in the assembling of an apparent but specious unanimity.” Perhaps our late Justice may be rolling in his grave based on that analogy, but I use it to highlight what may very well be a key point of distinction between Wright and several of her past and present colleagues. Some might argue that this makes her a contrarian, and I would agree if I believed that our school district was already hitting the majority of its milestones and objectives. However, we all know that we have ground to cover and this makes hers a welcome and necessary voice.

Malaney J. Hill,
South Orange

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