Maplewood Mayor McGehee Update on School Reopening: Vaccines & Testing for Teachers

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From Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee, part of a March 26 update to the community: 

President Sheena Collum of South Orange and I continue to work with SOMEA leadership as well as our South Orange-Maplewood School District on our common goal to return our children and teachers safely to the classroom. In the last two weeks we have secured vaccination opportunities for our teachers (2,225 slots last week and another 1,600 appointments for next week).

We have secured testing opportunities for our teachers and we are working closely with both parties to address issues related to our facilities.  I am happy to report that progress has been made as 6th and 9th graders as well as K through 2 have returned to the classroom.  We continue to work closely with both sides with the shared vision to meet the phased reopening plan.

I want to recognize Rocio Lopez for her efforts to work with us to ensure that this gets done. I also want to recognize the principals at MMS, SOMS, Seth Boyden and Columbia High School as well as Dr. Taylor for allowing Sheena and myself to play an active role in resolving this situation for the well being of our students.

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