Millburn High School AP Art Students Create Coloring Book of Local Businesses

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From Nancy Dries of the Millburn Township Public Schools:

Our Millburn High School AP Art Students have created a Millburn Township Coloring Book, with pictures of favorite Millburn landmarks, businesses and special places.

Each year, students in the Advanced Studio Art program at Millburn High School become Urban Sketchers as they sit outside on street corners and benches to create drawings of Millburn Township restaurants, shops and community buildings.

Now, in the spring of 2020, the coronavirus has forced us to stay at home, and many of these same local businesses are suffering.

This Millburn Coloring Book is a way to provide a fun and engaging vehicle for the community to show support for the businesses that make our town so special. The book is a compilation of the drawings the students created on-site in the fall, as well as additional drawings they have created from photographs during this time of “social distancing”.

Our hope is that the coloring book can be a community-wide effort as people of all ages download and color the drawings and share them on social media using the hashtag #ColorMillburn. We also hope that, when our lives return to normal, the community can visit the restaurants and shops to share their drawings and give their business.

Not all of our wonderful businesses are represented here, as there are only a limited number of students in the program. The students are happy to add some more drawings to the collection as time allows. Please feel free to email photos to the AP Studio Art teacher, Kathleen Harte Gilsenan at

All are invited to Download the coloring book, color the drawings and share them on social media using the hashtag #ColorMillburn.


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